Mag 813 Hand Sanitizer. Case of 4 Gal.

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Mag 813 Hand Sanitizer

Case of 4 Individual Gallons

A 62% alcohol gel formula scented with essential oils.

  • Alcohol-based formula kills germs on hands. 62% alcohol blend.
  • Gel format clings to skin for excellent distribution throughout hands
  • Pleasant scent with notes of lemon and other essential oils

Product Information

Are you looking to improve plant safety by supplying hand sanitizer to your employees? FlexoCleaners has the ultimate solution: Mag 813 hand sanitizer gel. Stock up on this hand-to-find resource today while supplies last! Note: The hand sanitizer is currently for sale in the United States only; international orders placed throught the website will not be processed at this time.

Product Uses and Mixing Ratios

Use at full strength. Rub hands thoroughly with product and allow to dry.

Chemical Attributes

Appearance: gel. Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 62%. Color: clear, colorless. pH: 6.5 to 7