Microfiber Cleaning Pad

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Microfiber Cleaning Pad

A special microfiber sponge designed to optimize the cleaning of Enpurex® on anilox rolls. Not only is the cleaning pad customized to slightly penetrate the cell, it is also less absorbent than a typical sponge. This lets the Enpurex® leave the cleaning pad during the wiping application, utilizing Enpurex in a much more efficient manner than a rag or shop towel.

  • Optimizes the cleaning action of Enpurex on anilox rollers
  • Designed to slightly penetrate into the cell as well as help evenly distribute Enpurex over the entire surface of the roller while minimizing the amount of Enpurex needed to clean the anilox roller
  • Sponge size: 2.4 X 4.8 X 1.5 inches

Product Information

The microfiber cleaning pads can be used to apply a wide variety of liquid formulas to anilox rolls. It is the recommended applicator sponge for use with Enpurex®, a breakthrough anilox roll cleaner available through FlexoCleaners. Because of their special texture, the sponges absorb a minimal amount of solution during cleaning. The liquid stays largely on the surface of the sponge, so none of the Enpurex® goes to waste. Another great feature of the microfiber cleaning pads is the ultra light-weight material. The sponges are easy to transport and store because they weigh next to nothing.


Best Sponge Ever! Our Microfiber Cleaning Pad: This tutorial reveals how to use our special sponges to apply Enpurex®, a breakthrough anilox roll cleaner available through FlexoCleaners.