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Is your company spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on basic cleaning supplies like wipes? The price of everything has gone way up!


Save money for your company with this incredible deal on Mag 721 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, now just $1.95 per tub!! Other companies are charging up to $15 per tub for similar products. Do not miss out on this deal.


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Donate to the Cause of YOUR CHOICE

And that’s not all. Half the proceeds go to the cause of YOUR CHOICE*.


Have you been wanting to donate to a charity, community group or GoFundMe campaign that’s dear to your heart but you weren’t sure where to find the funds?


Think of how grateful the recipient of your choice will be when you tell them you raised more than $500 for their cause, just by being good at your job!


A pallet of Mag 721 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes is on sale now for just $1,052.19, which means you’ll score $526.10 per pallet for your cause!*


Get Compliments on Your Clean Desk & Office

There’s nothing less appealing than a door handle EVERYONE has been touching with their dirty hands. Get rid of the “ick” factory by wiping down the surfaces at your facility!


Mag 721 Multi-Purpose Cleaning wipes are easy to use and made from high-quality ingredients, including 70% ethanol. They can tackle grime on any hard, nonporous surface, and the liquid quickly evaporates, leaving your surface clean and dry.


So stock up on wipes for your workplace and next thing you know, colleagues will be admiring your tidy desk.


Fine Print

The offer for Mag 721 Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes is for past-dated product. Expiration date for the batch is 11/29/23. An inspection of the batch has found the wipes to be wet and well-preserved inside their foil seal. Please reach out to us if you would like to sample a tub from the batch before purchasing in larger quantities. Customer must provide written acknowledging of the expiration date prior to shipment.


Regarding the offer, the deal is restricted to customers in the continental U.S. No returns or refunds will be accepted. Customer pays freight. Available freight terms are collect and prepaid. For prepaid, contact FlexoCleaners for a freight quote.


The donation applies to 50% of the purchase price for the product only. Freight costs are excluded from the purchase price when calculating the 50% donation.


Funds will be paid to the chosen cause within 30 days of payment confirmation by, Inc.’s accounting department. The recipient of the funds must have a US bank account for accepting the funds. The company or organization must have been founded prior to Dec. 8, 2023. When selecting the recipient for the donation funds, buyer should consider any ethics policies held by their employer., Inc. does not take responsibility for customer adherence to employer ethics policies.