Anilox Roll Scope (400X Power)

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Anilox Roll Scope (400X Power)

Do you need to know if your anilox roll cells are clogged? Never question the condition of your anilox rolls again with our anilox scopes.

  • For anilox line counts of up to 400.
  • Simple but important tool rugged enough for daily use.
  • Lightweight and safe.
  • Lamp life of over 100,000

Product Information

This anilox roll scope is designed to allow you to easily and quickly identify if your anilox rolls are becoming clogged or are beginning to experience surface wear. This 400X powered scope is designed for use with anilox line counts up to 400. Pressman can also use this scope to look at plates for edge wear and dot structure. Actual printed samples can be viewed for proper register and dot formation or dot gain. Batteries included. 1 year warranty.