Strong & Safe Anilox Roll & Ink Cleaner. 55 Gal., Inc.

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Strong & Safe Anilox Roll & Ink Cleaner

55-Gallon Drum

Our top-selling, water-dilutable Anilox Roller Cleaner. Now clean your Anilox roll with eco-friendly formulas.

  • Biodegradable formula - Safe for your employees and the environment.
  • The most powerful and fastest-acting anilox roll cleaner available anywhere, dissolves ink on contact.
  • On-press anilox cleaning reduces risk of damage from ultrasonic or soda-blast cleaning.
  • Removes all dried UV, solvent-based and water-based inks from any type of anilox roll.
  • Money-Back Guaranteed.

Product Information

Looking for the best all-around anilox roll cleaner this industry has ever known? Need an anilox roll cleaner to come in and do the job that others anilox cleaners can't? Try our Strong & Safe Anilox Roll Cleaner. This super-concentrated, safe solution is packed with a blend of active, modern, environmentally-friendly cleaners. This chemical rich concentrated formula is loaded with ink-attacking, cleaner safe solvents and powerful soaps.

Mix at 1:1 with water for old, stubborn ink or as a periodic cleaner. For daily cleaning, mix 4:1 or higher dilution with water as conditions allow. Performs excellent in any ultrasonic cleaning tank or soak system. Effective and safe on both ceramic and chrome anilox rolls. Use to remove ink from any anilox roll and as a general purpose cleaner. Try our top-selling anilox roller today!

Product Uses and Mixing Ratios

Use for in-press or off-press daily or periodic cleaning of any chrome or ceramic anilox roll. Start at full strength or 1:1 mixing ratio (1 gal. water to 1 gal. cleaner) for old, stubborn ink up to 4:1 (4 gal. water to 1 gal. cleaner) or a higher dilution as conditions allow. Spray or pour on any type of anilox roll, scrub with appropriate brush, then rinse off with water.

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