Magic Clean Powdered Anilox Cleaner Concentrate. Case of 48 Tubs., Inc.

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Magic Clean Powdered Anilox Cleaner Concentrate

Case of 48 (1/2-lb. tubs)

Turn water into a magic cleaning agent using our Magic-Clean Anilox Cleaner Concentrate. Our most unique yet effective water-based cleaner yet! Just add water.

  • Instantly dissolves in water.
  • High Dilution Rate saves you time and money.
  • Powder form helps you maximize the amount of the solutions
  • Easily manage employee dilution
  • Consolidate your working space.
  • Virtually cleans any press part or surface.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.

Product Information

Are you looking to minimize cleaning costs? Maybe save space in the press room? Try our Magic-Clean Anilox Cleaner Concentrate and save thousands of dollars by making your own cleaning solution while managing the amount of product your employee’s use per application. Using Magic-Clean Anilox Cleaner Concentrate can also help to maximize space in the pressroom by replacing bulky drums with a few small bags. Magic Clean Powdered Anilox Cleaner Concentrate is irritating to skin, please use with extreme caution. Our Magic-Clean Anilox Cleaner Concentrate is the answer to today’s economy crunch.

Product Uses and Mixing Ratios

Can use on any area for the pressroom including, press parts, pressroom floors, cutting dies, ultra-sonic tank, photopolymer plates, ink delivery system, etc. Each 8-oz. tub of Magic Clean makes 5 gallons of cleaning solution.

**This product is not available for online purchase. Please contact us for availability and lead time.