Video: Madi Demos Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Video: Madi Demos Microfiber Cleaning Pads

17th Feb 2023

In this video, Madi Hart demonstrates her favorite FlexoCleaners product, the Microfiber Cleaning Pad.

Get an up close look at the sponges’ unique texture as Madi illustrates the special firm and dense material.

The microfiber cleaning pads can be used to apply a wide variety of liquid formulas. In this video, Madi uses the sponges with Enpurex®, a breakthrough anilox roll cleaner available through FlexoCleaners.

Because of their special texture, the sponges absorb a minimal amount of solution during cleaning. The liquid stays largely on the surface of the sponge, so none of the Enpurex® goes to waste.
In this video, Madi shows her technique for using the microfiber cleaning pads to apply Enpurex®.

Another great thing about the microfiber cleaning pads is the ultra light-weight material. The sponges are easy to transport and store because they weigh next to nothing. In this video, Madi weighs the sponges with a sensitive scale so you can see for yourself how light they really are.

The microfiber cleaning pads are available in a six pack, and can be purchased online or by contacting the staff at FlexoCleaners.

Note: This article was originally posted 8/4/2015 on, Inc.'s former blog platform.