Strong & Safe Ani Gel Anilox Roll Cleaning Gel

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Strong & Safe Ani Gel Anilox Roll Cleaning Gel

Our best-selling periodic anilox cleaner. Discover what hundreds of press operators hail as the "best periodic Anilox Cleaner and Flexo Ink Remover they have ever used.

  • Now deep-clean anilox rolls in-machine to reduce downtime and increase production output with our anilox cleaner.
  • Restores anilox rolls to maximum cell volume.
  • Proven and time-tested to never damage any chrome or ceramic anilox roll.
  • Use as a deep-cleaning periodic anilox cleaner.
  • Money-Back Guaranteed.

Product Information

Are hardened inks clogging the cells in your all-important anilox rolls? The superior Ani-Gel Anilox Roll Cleaning Gel is a highly concentrated anilox cleaner with a powerful blend of safe solvents and active soaps. This will provide the ultimate in periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls.

Use this periodic anilox cleaner product when all else fails. See the fast results as it effortlessly dissolves the most stubborn flexo ink away in seconds. Simply apply gel to your anilox roll at 100% concentrated form, let it sit and soak into the anilox roll, then gently rub it, then rinse it away with water or solvent. Watch the old, dried ink melt away. Try some today!

Product Uses and Mixing Ratios

Use Strong & Safe anilox cleaner at full strength for in-press or off-press cleaning of ceramic or chrome anilox rolls.